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Updated to use JsonSchema.Net v7.0.0, which contains breaking changes (release notes).


#711 - Nuget package meta-data updates; no functional changes from previous version.


#617 - Added support for exclusiveMin, exclusiveMax, and $ref. (Note: $ref support does not include infinite recursion checking.)


#646 & #647 - Improved handling of not, oneOf, and unevaluatedProperties.


Updated for multi-framework support with .Net Standard 2.0 and .Net 8 with Native AOT support, including updating System.Text.Json from v6 to v8.

Breaking changes

Dropping support for .Net Standard 3.1 - May still be used, but exact behavior cannot be guaranteed.


#580 - Add support for pattern by incorporating FARE library.

Only simple subschemas with a single, simple pattern is supported.

  • Combining multiple regular expressions using allOf, anyOf, or oneOf is not supported.
  • Inverting regular expressions using not is not supported.
  • Any regular expression not supported by the FARE library is not supported.

1.1.0 (no PR)

Updated JsonSchema.Net reference to v4.0.0.

1.0.4 (no PR)

#405 - v1.0.3 referenced beta version of JsonSchema.Net. This update reverts that dependency to JsonSchema v3.3.2.


#384 - Schemas with embedded enums were re-using nodes instead of copying them, causing an InvalidOperationException. Thanks to @leonardo-gooten for reporting this.


#374 - Generated property counts were not bounded properly, causing an exception to be thrown from the randomizer.

1.0.1 (no PR)

#288 - Just bumping version to pick up the latest Json.More.Net by default. This package pull Json.More.Net transitively via JsonPointer.Net which wasn’t updated with the move to JsonNode.


Updated all functionality to use JsonNode instead of JsonElement in line with JsonSchema.Net v3.

Also… OFFICIAL RELEASE!!! I feel confident enough in this library to release it under a real version! Thought, the JSON Schema team still advises that this sort of functionality should be used as a development tool, not in production scenarios.


Improved handling of conditionals and inferred types.


#243 - Updated System.Text.Json to version 6.

Better support for const, specifically when it appears in a conditional (if/then/else) or under a not.

0.1.1 (No PR)

Fixed a bug around property generation.


Initial release.

Not supported:

  • anything involving RegEx
  • reference keywords (e.g. $ref, $dynamicRef, etc)
  • annotation / metadata keywords (e.g. title, description)
  • content* keywords
  • dependencies / dependent* keywords

Instance generation isn’t 100%, but works most of the time.