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PropertyNameResolvers Class

PropertyNameResolvers Class

Namespace: Json.Schema.Generation

Inheritance: PropertyNameResolvers 🡒 object

Defines a set of predefined property name resolution methods.


AsDeclaredPropertyNameResolverMakes no changes. Properties are generated with the name of the property in code.
CamelCasePropertyNameResolverProperty names to camel case (e.g. camelCase).
KebabCasePropertyNameResolverProperty names to kebab case (e.g. Kebab-Case).
LowerSnakeCasePropertyNameResolverProperty names to lower snake case (e.g. lower_snake_case).
PascalCasePropertyNameResolverProperty names to pascal case (e.g. PascalCase).
SnakeCasePropertyNameResolverProperty names to snake case (e.g. Snake_Case).
UpperKebabCasePropertyNameResolverProperty names to upper kebab case (e.g. UPPER-KEBAB-CASE).
UpperSnakeCasePropertyNameResolverProperty names to upper snake case (e.g. UPPER_SNAKE_CASE).