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  • Added EnumIntent constructors that take JsonNodes.
  • Added NotIntent.


#696 - Number-based constraints ignored for nullable number types. Thanks to @rhwork for reporting this.

The following have been updated:

  • [Minimum]
  • [ExclusiveMinimum]
  • [Maximum]
  • [ExclusiveMaximum]
  • [IfMin]
  • [IfMax]

Added extension method bool IsNullableNumber(this Type).


Add support for multiple [If] attributes for the same property under the same group creating an enum keyword with all of the values.


#667 - Add support for description keyword creation from XML comments <Summary>. Thanks to @zlepper for applying pressure on this feature.


Updated for multi-framework support with .Net Standard 2.0 and .Net 8, including updating System.Text.Json from v6 to v8.

AOT support is not currently supported for this library. Appropriate attributes have been added to public API.

Breaking changes

  • Dropping support for .Net Standard 3.1 - May still be used, but exact behavior cannot be guaranteed.
  • PropertyNamingMethods removed. Previously marked obsolete.
  • SchemaGenerationConfiguration.PropertyNamingMethod removed. Previously marked obsolete.


#579 - Types which contained properties with both nullable and non-nullable versions of the same value type would attribute all properties as nullable. Thanks to @tjochums for reporting.

Also fixed a hash code collision issue with property ordering.


#548 - Add [Default] attribute to generate default keyword.


#551 - Strings implement IEnumerable<T> and thus were considered arrays. As a result minItems and maxItems were being applied. Thanks to @domchlouba for reporting this and recommending the fix.


#544 - Objects that have two properties of the same type, one of which is marked with an [Obsolete] attribute will cause all properties to have a deprecated: true added to their schemas. Thanks to @filzrev for reporting this.

Also affected by this were [JsonPropertyName] and [JsonIgnore].


#528 - @juwens suggesting adding PropertyNameResolver for property naming that takes the entire MemberInfo (instead of just the member name) in place of PropertyNamingMethod so that additional information can be used to determine a name for the JSON property.

SchemaGenerationConfiguration.PropertyNamingMethod has been deprecated. It’s still functional but will be removed with the next major version.


#512 - There was no support for JsonNode, explicitly. Instead it would attempt to generate via reflection. This update adds that support and just generates a true schema. Thanks to @ashek-simeon for reporting and recommending a solution.


#488 - [Maximum(double.MaxValue)] throws an overflow exception when attempting to convert to decimal. This fix updates all min/max-related attributes.


Added conditional schema generation using new attributes to define condition groups and then assigning other attributes to those groups.


#455 - Better naming for $defs keys.

Also added ITypeNameGenerator and SchemaGenerationContextOptimizer.TypeNameGenerator to allow custom naming.


#450 - Fixed an edge case issue where a recursive class structure defining the same property type caused a stack overflow when the outer class property was decorated with [Nullable].

3.1.0 (no PR)

Updated JsonSchema.Net reference to v4.0.0.


#325 - @jnystad found an issue with [Nullable] where it was propagating to other properties of the same type and suggested a fix.


#296 - Updated handling logic for [JsonIgnore] to consider the attribute’s Condition property.

3.0.1 (no PR)

#288 - Just bumping version to pick up the latest Json.More.Net by default. This package pull Json.More.Net transitively via JsonPointer.Net which wasn’t updated with the move to JsonNode.


Updated all functionality to use JsonNode instead of JsonElement in line with JsonSchema.Net v3.

Breaking Changes

JsonElement -> JsonNode type exchange changes not listed.

  • IContextContainer.GetContexts() and implementations removed as it was obsolete
  • TypeExtensions.IsInteger(), .IsFloatingPoint(), and .IsNumber() moved to Json.More.Net


#274 - Added support for JsonObject, JsonArray, and JsonValue.


#272 - Miscellaneous attributes can cause incorrect optimizations.

Added SchemaGeneratorConfiguration.Optimize to control whether common subschemas are collected into $defs.

Exposed SchemaGeneratorConfiguration.Current static property for read use by custom generators, etc.


#264 - Added support for additionalProperties and additionalItems.

Improved support for array types that inherit IEnumerable<T> but aren’t generic themselves, e.g. MyList : List<int>.

Also updated return value of SchemaGenerationContextBase.Apply() from JsonSchemaBuilder to JsonSchema. This is pretty hidden, so it shouldn’t break anyone, thus not strictly adhering to semver for this change. Calling it out just in case.

2.0.1 (No PR)

Exposed SchemaGenerationContextBase.Hash property. Required to implement IContextContainer.Replace().

Marked IContextContainer.GetContexts() obsolete as it’s not used.


#202 - Added support for read-only & write-only keywords for properties that only have getters or setters. The attributes override this detection behavior.

#256 - Added support for type-level attributes.

Breaking changes

  • Intents no longer require equality methods (Equals() & GetHashCode()). 🎉
  • SchemaGeneratorContext replaced by SchemaGenerationContextBase, TypeGenerationContext, and MemberGenerationContext.
    • The “Type” version represents generation of a “pure” type; that is, it’s not a member of another type. This will only handle attributes that are placed on the type itself.
    • The “Member” version represents object members. This will handle attributes placed on the member. The Attributes property is only present on this version since the type carries the attributes for the other.
  • SchemaGenerationContextCache.Get() has two overloads, only with member attributes, and one without. If attributes are supplied, a MemberGenerationContext will be returned; otherwise a TypeGenerationContext will be returned.
  • SchemaGeneratorConfiguration converted into a thread-static singleton (the static property is Current) for easier access.
  • IAttributeHandler is now just a placeholder. Attribute handlers will now need to implement IAttributeHandler<T> where T is the attribute type.
  • IAttributeHandler.AddConstraints() now has an attribute parameter.

Other fixes & enhancements

#206 - Some XML comments were inaccurate or had copy/paste errors.

#243 - Updated System.Text.Json to version 6.

Most attributes can now be placed on:

  • properties & fields
  • all types (class, struct, enum, interface)


Updated JsonSchema.Net reference to v2.0.0. Please see release notes for that library as it contains breaking changes.


Updated JsonPointer.Net to v2.0.0. Please see release notes for that library as it contains breaking changes.


#174 - Switch top-level Humanizer package for more essential Humanizer.Core. Supports English. If other languages are required, the respective Humanizer package will need to be added to your application.


#141 - Added [Title()] and [Description()] attributes.

Fixed [Minimum()], [ExclusiveMinimum()], [Maximum()], and [ExclusiveMaximum()] attributes to take double instead of uint which was a copy/paste error.


#136 - Better sorting for properties, taking into account inheritance hierarchy and putting inherited properties first. Thanks to @wazzamatazz for working this up.


#134 - Added custom property naming support.


#128 - Added support for nullability. Special thanks to @JMPSequeira who proposed the feature and worked through multiple designs (#124 and #127) that lead to the final solution and for adding all the tests needed to ensure proper function.

  • Added NullableAttribute.
  • Added Nullability.
  • Added SchemaGenerationConfiguration.Nullability.

#125 - Bug fix: generation of object with no serializable properties still generates an empty properties keyword.

Also updated intent classes to be mutable. Should have been this way to begin with, but was probably an oversight.


#114 - DateTime properties not generating properly. Also fixes Guid, JsonPointer, and Uri properties.

Added PropertyNamesIntent.


#109 - Add properties in the order they’re declared in code. Credit to @wazzamatazz

#112 - Add properties in the order they’re declared in code.


Fixes property name callout in required keyword. Credit to @jaysvoboda for finding and fixing this.


#100 - Don’t optimize type-only subschemas.


#96 - Added ISchemaRefiner to the schema generation process to allow users to inject custom logic after intents are created.

#97 - Fixed an issue with subsequent schema generations off of the same type.


#87 - Generation for the same property type under different property names causes StackOverflowException.


#85 - Generation for List<TSelf> producing StackOverflowException.


Added support for nullable reference types.


Added support for .Net 5 and remaining in-built JSON serialization attributes: JsonInclude & JsonNumberHandling.

Exposed static class AttributeHandler and added methods to allow for handlers of predefined attributes. This mechanism should only be used for attributes that cannot also be made to implement IAttributeHandler. Attributes which also implement this interface are implicitly handled.


Signed the DLL for strong name compatibility.


Added support for in-built JSON serialization attributes (Standard 2.0 & Core 3.x): JsonPropertyName & JsonIgnore.


Added debug symbols to package. No functional change.


Initial release.